_ASD Scooter Designs
drawn by Anthony Armstrong from Dallas Texas. ASD scooters
_are drawn in CorelDraw, then painted in Photoshop by Anthony. The scooter models I
_draw are vintage scooters from my personal collection, and scooters I've worked on
_in my garage scooter shop in Dallas. AnthonyScooterWork.com
Anthony’s 30 Years of Scootering!

_ASD Scooter Designs are available on T-Shirts, Hoodies, Stickers
_and more at Redbubble.com

_ASD illustrations can be used on scooter event flyers and shirts.

_Contact Anthony from details at:

_Here’s 9 of my vintage scooters illustration. You can find all 27
_of my
illustration at my Redbubble.com Scooter Collection.




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